Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Save time and money with UVC technology.  If you can find them in the store, a 75 count container of disinfecting wipes for $6.98 comes out to $0.09 per wipe.  With the current rush to open stores back up most retailers don't know when or if these items will be back in stock. Even if you do procure these expensive supplies you still have the labor to apply the products and deal with the waste that is generated.

According to the companies that make these products, it takes as little as 30 seconds to kill bacteria and viruses.  This wording implies it may also take longer than 30 seconds meaning cleaning personnel are dislodging surface coronavirus potentially exposing themselves to a slurry of airborne contamination for at least 30 seconds with every cleaning.

In comparison UVC light technology deactivates influenza and corona viruses within seconds, without contact to contamination or any toxic chemicals and won’t leave behind a residue.  In the same amount of time that you can use a disinfecting wipe to sanitize a surface you could eradicate the coronavirus with a UVC light such as the Pathogen Pros Direct Impact or Pathogen Pros Air Sanitizer.

Beyond the previously stated reduction in labor you can save yourself from having to replenish chemical supplies that are associated with any spray or wipe disposable sanitization methods making UVC technology the environmentally sustainable solution.

One gallon of disinfectant concentrate costs $90 online.  Before you can use it you must also add labor to dilute and dispense the solution into spray bottles, the cost of spray bottles, towels or rags, disposal.  In comparison the UVC technology that we offer can save you time and money by eradicating viruses with the speed of light.  For the same amount of money that you would spend on a month's supply of cleaning supplies you could purchase the Pathogen Pros Direct Impact which is effective for up to 8,000 hours.

Some of the issues with disposable cleaning supplies are:

  • These methods generate enormous biohazard waste material requiring special handling and disposal procedures, posing a significant human health risk.
  • There is an enormous amount of environmental waste along with the carbon footprint required to generate chemicals, plastic containers and packaging for traditional sterilization supplies.
  • The millions of tons of plastic containers and packaging waste will increasingly overburden an already failing recycling program.
Clean with the speed of light with the Pathogen Pros Air Sanitizer!